NEXTH is an intuition, before than a product, of its philosophy: pure passion for flying linked to technical engineering awareness as required to live it in safety without empiricism, designed and produced within the passion for doing things well.

NEXT-H as the “next”, and NEXT-H as “High performance”.. a new aircraft, your next one, titled by worldwide press as the most “cool” and “revolutionary” of the moment, the “last most sports plane ever seen”, a combination of fly freedom, performance and the intrinsic safety of the project, and whitin a passion for the most advanced design; innovative lines for the sector and one unquestionably unique aerodynamic behavior, verified by a team of skilled technicians using the latest technology.

Morelli international patented design

A PROJECT led by CS VLA and FAR23 (where applicable) obtaining at the first inspection the German Permit to Fly under LTF-UL certification process, developing also towards American LSA for a standard of absolute safety and reliability, without any compromises. Experienced craftsmen and technicians come together in a synergy of skills for the successful construction of an aircraft innovative and different from the past, respecting the indisputable top solidity and reliability of traditional metal construction with special steel frame and metal wings, using carbon components only for non structural and light elements.

Innovation & Emotion


"...this plane likes me, it has nothing of ultralight, it's a real plane"

(first flight impression of German Certification Agency Test Pilot)


  • ​Reliable company with ISO9001 Quality System for special meccanical works
  • Operative, maintenance and training aircraft low costs
  • Wide visibility suitable for surveillance tasks
  • ​Side by side double control cockpit for training activities
  • ​Excellent aerodynamic and flight performance with short take off / landing distances​
  • Aircraft with +9 – 4.5 g and the guarantee of the metal construction strenghtness
  • ​Engine mount / fuselage safety cell frame in 15CDV6 GR3, with pressure inspection​
  • Seat belts (4/5 points) attached directly to the frame
  • Nose gear independent of the engine mount​ and Manual emergency gear system
  • Folding wing for easy handling, space economy and hangar solution with NEXTH-TRAILER
  • One of the most roomy and designed cockpits in the category
  • Opening gull-wing doors for easy access and safety opening even after accidental overturning
  • Non explosion safety fuel tank for greater autonomy and installed in protected safe position
  • Easy and large opening engine cowl doors for simple inspections
  • Innovative international patented design
  • No aircraft structural parts made in carbon composite
  • Pilot personal training program

Technical Characteristics


Metal construction with aeronautical aluminum (6061T6 – 2024T3 – 7075T6), ultrasonic tested for mechanics – 15CDV6 GR3 steel tubing fuselage and engine mount frame – Folding low-middle wing – Tractive propeller – Tricycle fix /retractable landing gear with titanium legs -and manual emergency system – Nose gear steerable, independent from engine mount – Two side by side places with double controls – Safety cell – Gull-wing opening doors – Trim on three axes, ready for Autopilot (on request).
Patented Design
Non Explosion Fuel 50 lt (13 US Gal) 130 lt (34 US Gal)  tank  – Adjustable pedals – Certified braking system and wheels – Cockpit and glass air vents – Flight and maintenance manual – Warranty for 2 years.


Rotax 912 ULS 100 Hp with 3 blade propeller FG (Fixed Gear)
HS High Sport version:
Rotax 914 UL with Variable Pitch Propeller, Sport Wing and RG (Retractable Gear)

Max speed  100% power (HS): 240 (285 ) km/h – 130 (154) kts
Cruise speed 75% power (HS): 225 (255 ) km/h – 121 (138) kts
Stall full flap speed, LTF-UL certified version – (HS): 65 (75) km/h – 35 (40) kts
Max speed never exceed Vne: 305 km/h – 165 kts
Max design speed Vd: 340 km/h – 183 kts
Rapid/steep climb speed: 130/100 km/h – 70/53 kts
Take off /landing distance: 120 / 120 m – 394 /394 ft
Climb rate: 7.9 m/s – 1550 ft/min
Aerodynamic efficiency:  12 : 1 at  130 km/h – 70 kts
Operative ceiling altitude: 5000 m – 16400 ft
Fuel consumption MIN. / 75% : 13.5 / 18 lt/h  – 3.56 / 4.75 US Gal/h
Endurance min-max 50 /130 lt fuel tank:         2.7 – 3.7 max 650  km / 7.2 – 9.6 hrs  max 1700 km
Endurance min-max 13 /34 US Gal fuel tank:  2.7 – 3.7 max 351  nm / 7.2 – 9.6 hrs  max  918 nm 


AEROBATIC CATEGORY + 9 – 4.5 G (the project task is to give to pilot a safety cell without aerobatic activity intent, not recommended for the category)


Max. take off weight MTOW ULM /  LSA :  472,5 / 600 kg  – 1042 / 1323 lb
Min. EMPTY Weight: 298.5 kg – 658 lb
Max project weight: 600 kg – 1323 lb
Wing area: 10 (9.5) mq – 108 (102) sq ft
Wingspan: 7.83 m 25.7 ft  standard tip version – 7.95 m  26.1 ft winglet version
Length: 6.94 m – 22.8 ft
Cabin max width – max height (seat to cockpit roof): 1.12 m x 0,96 m – 3.7  ft x  3.1 ft
Baggage max volume (hatrack + fuselage luggage compartment) :
36 + 160 lt   – 1,3 + 5.6 cu ft  /  5+25 Kg –  11 + 55 lb


Engine: ROTAX 912 ULS2/3 – 100 HP – 5800 RPM -1352 cc (available 914 Turbo,  912 / 915 ISC SPORT)
3 blade fixed propeller (with variable pitch on request)
Consumption: 5500 rpm continuous 25 l/h (5.6 gl/h);
75% 4750 rpm continuous 18.5 l/h (4.2 gl/h)
Engine mount in special steel tubing 15 CDV 6 GR3 with pressure inspection
Double starting system with Safe Start System
Liquid – air cooling system with water and oil radiator and filter
Oil thermostat
Central Throttle control
Three fix blade propeller (with variable pitch on request)


Central non explosive fuel safety tank
Non overflowing valve
External cap with key
Fuel quick drain with filtered outlet
Protected fuel lines
Mechanical engine pump
Electrical back-up pump


Double slot flap with electronic control
Fixed / Retractable electrical /pneumatic gear with titanium GR5 main legs
( the gear legs system is the same for the fixed and retractable configuration, so that it is
possible to convert the one to the other as a simple upgrade)
Load tested wheels sand  nose gear steerable
3 Axes-Trim configuration ready for Autopilot (on request)
Nexth Color: Black Carbon Composite for fuselage skin / natural aluminum look for wings
(on request available personal painting design)



High resistance frame and safety cell in special steel tubing Cr-MO 15 CDV 6 GR3
Skin/Wing AL2024 T3 – AL6061T6 with aviation riveting – 7075 T6 CNC full machined
spars and mechanics made of ultrasonic tested material
In autoclave high pressure carbon composite elements , used only for non structural light parts


Stall warning
Gear warning system and  mechanical emergency system
NSC nose gear no steering collision system
Gull-wing doors with internal  double lock and external locking key, opening also after accidental overturning
Parachute with guaranted minimun safety opening height
Real 360° visibility and aviation sun glass
ELT (on request)
4/5 point seat belt
Wing safety sea floating tanks (on request)
Hot air glass vent (on request)
Tail strobe light – taxi light – landing light
Electrical back up pump
Firewall Shut off valve and Fuel valve with Safe Start System for 912 ULS


Engine and flight instruments in different versions: ANALOGICAL – HYBRID – DIGITAL,
available also with personal configurations including:
ENGINE: rpm, oil temp. and press., water temp., MAP, CHT/EGT, fuel pressure, fuel tank indicator, ammeter , voltmeter
FLIGHT: air/vertical speed indicator, altimeter, turn coordinator, compass,
artificial horizon (only for hybrid and digital), radio and intercom
GPS (on request)
ELT (on request)
Autopilot (on request)
Cloche main trims
Brake adjustable pedals (on request)
Carbon look Exclusive interior design
Air vents
Removable headrests
The described technical characteristics can be improved without notice by the manufacturer


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