High Performance
& Advanced Design

High Performance
& Advanced Design

Technology and Design Made in Italy

NEXTH is an intuition, before than a product, of its philosophy: pure passion for flying linked to technical engineering awareness as required to live it in safety without empiricism, designed and produced within the passion for doing things well.

285 km/h
V Max
255 km/hCruise Speed
+9 - 4.5 G
Tested Load Factors
1700 km

Innovation & Emotion



Formula 1 Technology & Acrobatic Strenght

numbers and facts, not words

Excellent Areodynamic and Flight Performance

Advanced aerodynamic development

Futuristic and Exclusive Design

International patented

Safety Concept

One of the key points of the project is safety, for that the first must for NEXTH design has been to use for the more stressed structural components only aluminum and titanium alloys, and carbon fiber only for aesthetic secondary parts, in order to not compromise any way the capability of the aircraft to fly and land safety whatever happen.


Aeronautical Construction Technology

The aeronautical philosophy to prevent however the problem with high attention to details, is the basic principle of each technical choice about components and materials with certified characteristics, from the tested ultrasonic aluminum 7075 T6 used for spars and full machined mechanics, to the most little component as rivets, reaching in this way the result of an incredible best ratio weight/resistance.


The Wing

One of the most delicate points in the design of an aircraft is the connection wing – fuselage, through which important stresses are transmitted between the two components, subjecting the wing spars with high shearing forces that can compromise its integrity. For this reason NEXTH adopts the technical solution of the hinged connection, with the main spars and the wing free to rotate on connection hinges welded safely of the frame.


Last News


NEXTH success at AERO2018

After the presentation of the concept in 2011, great success at AERO2018 for the return of AERO&TECH, impressed by the loyalty shown by its audience,…

Certification Partner

AERO&TECH has finished the certification process for German LTF UL standards and it is available on the market; for the first orders important purchase advantages.

Rotax 912 ISC SPORT

Take-off for the NEXTH version powered by the Rotax 912 ISC SPORT. The characteristics of the new engine immediately emerged as regularity of power, fluidity…

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