Discover NEXTH

Futuristic & Exclusive Design

The added value of the Italian style combined with aerodynamic and industrial design

The international patent design certifies the originality of the futuristic NEXTH shape , as an own distinctive line , a real new aircraft difficult to compare, synergy of advanced aerodynamic and industrial design, combined with the attention for the safety and pleasure of flying, for an amazing and functional design.
Nexth has been thought for those who like to stand out and want something of different, of more.

Advanced Design

The added value of the design effort is present not only in aesthetics but also in the aerodynamic performance and ergonomic results.

Fruit of the pencil of an exclusively Italian design, the hand of eng. Morelli L. , it has been drawn also within piloting experience improving its value.

For this the design respects also ergonomics needs, safe and comfortable in dimensions for all pilots, also the taller ones with one of the most roomy cockpits (110 cmwide and 180 cm high) of the ultra light market.

The side by side configuration has been a must for design purpose, necessary to enjoy and share flying experience and improve training.



The easy access is given by the futuristic gull-wing doors, with a particular angular shape that prevents the pilot from leaning against the door, finding instead a secure support on the fuselage frame.

The opening system ensures the possibility to exit even in an accidental landing overturn condition, proving once again the design’s deep attention to pilot safety.


The COOLING SYSTEM air inlet with the radiator exclusive and sports design characterizes NEXTH with a greater efficiency. The engine is able to operate around 100°C stable (also with 40°C OAT and long taxing time) for a greater safety and longevity of engine components, no longer thermally stressed, again cool design meets better functionality.