Discover NEXTH

Excellent Aerodynamic and Performance

The important design application made for the original and futuristic NEXTH shape is well represented by the final result: an almost perfect regularity of CFD fluid threads. With NEXTH each line has a purpose, the result: one exceptional work of aerodynamic engineering.


The clean fluid lines for a great efficiency and consumption of 13,5 l/h.


The low fuel consumption demonstrate the powerful of an appropriate design, allowing an important


and a brilliant reassuring behavior in flutter test with a tested max dive speed of 346km/h.
Despite the important dimensions of the cabin NEXTH is able to reach appreciable speeds:

Max speed 100% power: 285 km/h

Max cruise speed 75% power: 255 km/h

Within the respect of a real stall full flap speed of 65 km/h and aerodynamic efficiency of 12:1